We are all in this together- working for a stronger Wisconsin.



I don't believe national arguments should drive local politics.

I do believe that local issues need local solutions.

I don't believe an illness should ever bankrupt a family.

I do believe that healthcare is a right.

I don't believe that tax dollars should be funding private and religious education.

I do believe public schools should receive proper and adequate funding.

I do believe in legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational use.

No matter how rich or poor,

no matter who you love, 

no matter the color of your skin, 

the rules of government and society should be the same.

I believe in equality and fairness and access to equal opportunities. 


Your voice in Madison

State Assembly District 39 needs a representative that listens to all of its constituents, and the needs that they have. I will work on behalf of everyone for a common purpose of equity and accountability in all facets of our government.